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Lanita D.
5.0 star rating
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Today another car scraped my vehicle as it was being pulled out of the parking space next to me. There were paint marks on the rear panel, my hubcap, and the fender panel. After exchanging information with the driver, I went about my errands. On my way home I stopped by Original Autobody to see about getting a repair estimate.  The gentleman at the counter come out and looked at it immediately. Having never needed auto body work before, I really had no idea how difficult the marks would be to fix. He could have told me anything. Instead, he simply went into his shop, retrieved a towel and some lacquer thinner, and returned to extinguish all marks as if they never happened. I really appreciate that he didn't take advantage of my ignorance to make a buck. If I ever need any "real" body work done (knock wood), I will take my business there.

Kristi B.
1.0 star rating

I would give this place a 0 if I could. Rude and ignorant staff. Plus the lot is so crammed up due to the gas station and stores nearby.

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